Finding the Doorbell


"Cindy's message is just what everyone on a college campus right now needs to hear. Her humorous approach allows for open and frank dialogue on what's really going on out there in the world of university hook-ups, one night stands, and Facebook sex."
Kyle A. Pendleton
Asst. Dean of Students
Purdue University

"Cindy focuses on healthy human behavior, not the do's and dont's. She challenges her audience to better know themselves and will leave them all thinking 'I never thought about it that way.'"
Shawn Eagleburger
Asst. Director
of Greek Life
Kansas State University


Good Vibes and Duct Tape: Stories With Cindy Pierce is a documentary film made by Dartmouth College students in Jeff Ruoff's couse, Advanced Videomaking FS39. Spring Term, 2014.

Represented by Kirkland Productions, Cindy speaks to college students about healthy sexual relationships.

Your students have never seen an educational program about sexual health that goes where Cindy goes. Her uncanny fascination for bodily and sexual incidents provided the basis for her one-woman show, Finding the Doorbell, which played to enthusiastic audiences in New York, Colorado, Indiana, California, and throughout New England. Now, she brings her messages about healthy choices, safer sex, birth control, body image, Internet porn, and the unhealthy influences of alcohol to college audiences in her new campus keynote Ringing the Doorbell: Saner, Healthier Sex in College.

There is no greater emotional minefield for young people than the intimidating world of sex. In this hilarious keynote, Cindy uses an unfiltered brand of honesty and humor to defuse the most sensitive topics surrounding sexual health. Cindy uses her social research and anecdotes from the trenches demystify things like the impact of Internet porn, the much lamented imbalance between the sex drives of men and women, the role of alcohol in decision-making, and the truly elusive nature of the female orgasm. Cindy will help students put sex in a healthy context — for those who want to make it a safe priority without letting it dominate their identity, time, or emotional well being.

"A big part of my message is the power of a healthy tribe — the trusted role models, siblings and friends with whom we can ask anything and get reliable information. Not enough of young people have that healthy tribe," Cindy said. "My honest, open approach, combined with my absolute comfort with myself, is both disarming and inspiring for young people. I create a safe environment where students can ask the most frank questions without feeling stupid or judged."

"I'm about lifting the weight of embarrassment off people's shoulders," Cindy said. "By sharing facts and anecdotes, I dispel myths that have been passed along and reinforced through generations."

Students walk away with safer, saner expectations around sex. Whether she's talking to a group of women struggling with perceived sexual norms, or playing to a room packed with rowdy football players (which she has done, and had a blast doing), Cindy is shaking people out of their comfort zones.