Finding the Doorbell


Table of Contents


Preface: The Best Medicine

Section I. Obstacles to a Healthy Sex Life
Chapter 1. Sources: The Good, the Bad and the Unlikely
Chapter 2. Tribes and Tools
Chapter 3. Real Hot
Chapter 4. Good in Bed
Chapter 5. Iceberg Ahead: The Vicious Cycle of Body Image
Chapter 6. Mirth Control: Contraception Is a Laughing Matter
Chapter 7. Finding the Doorbell

Section II. What's the Big O Deal?
Chapter 1. The Inside Dope
Chapter 2. Orgasm Mechanics
Chapter 3. Gimme an O! Gimme Another O!
Chapter 4. Faking It: The Inhumane Option
Chapter 5. Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands
Chapter 6. Oral Sex: Put Your Honey Where Your Mouth Is

Section III. Sex for the Long Haul
(In Search of Happily Ever After)

Chapter 1. Getting Back in the Saddle
Chapter 2. Positive Balance: Understanding the Structure of Your Sex Account
Chapter 3. The Little Things Can Get You Laid
Chapter 4. Drive Differential
Chapter 5. The Weekly Standard
Chapter 6. Drought
Chapter 7. Distraction and Fantasy
Chapter 8. Toy Story: To the Corner Porn Shop and Beyond
Chapter 9. Keeping It Fresh